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William Noble
Creative Director
& Digital Artist
Resume '24

Creative Leadership

Marketing Campaigns

Art Direction

Key Art Concepts

Sales Funnel Execution & Strategy

Video Production

Software UI & UX Leadership


Mac & PC

Adobe After Effects ( 15 Years)

Adobe Photoshop (17 Years) 

Adobe Illustrator  (15 Years)

Adobe Premiere (20 Years)

Adobe Audition ( 5 Years)

Full Adobe Creative Suite (20 Years)

Figma ( 3 Years)

Prompt & Generative Ai: ChatGPT, Midjourney ( 2 Years)

Brief Bio

I'm William Noble, a Creative Director with a passion for pushing creative boundaries and bringing brands to life. My journey in the creative realm started as a designer and animator, where I honed my skills in crafting visually compelling narratives. Over the years, my career has evolved, and I now lead design and marketing teams, orchestrating their efforts to create impactful campaigns.

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